Service Marketing Steps

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How it Works

Marketing for service based businesses is different than marketing is for products or other cookie cutter businesses.

Each one of us is special and we can’t just take a cookie cutter approach.

Instead we need to understand how our customers think and we need to build customized content just for them.

We organize the steps in marketing your service business into Why, Who, What, Where, When.

Thanks for signing up for the JJM Club. In this page we are going to show you the process of building kick ass marketing for service based businesses.

The Process:

1. Your Why Shortcut

Every business coach will tell you to find out your WHY. This usually leads to a nerve wracking soul searching which results in some random dream you had.  It doesn’t always feel very useful. I am going to let you in on a little secret. This exercise should actually be called: Do you care about your services customers? If you why doesn’t include some aspect of wanting to help your customer (from your heart) you WILL NOT be successful. Best to go into another profession. There I just saved you a full session with your coach. Now if you want to put down on paper “WHY you care” that is a better use of your time.

(Pro-Tip: Angry isn’t a great WHY. I once had a client who was angry at who she believed was cheating her target audience. She could not articulate why she loved her target audience. She could only articulate why she hated their opponents. She didn’t have any clients)

2. Who

The next is the most important part. WHO do you serve? This is where you are going to benefit from joining our club. Because we are going to make it EASY for you to understand your customer.

3. What Benefits (or “Find the Nerve”)

With your new knowledge of WHO your customers are you are going to create lead magnets, offers, marketing content that demonstrates your ability to bring these benefits (calm the nerve).

4. Where (or Your Best Marketing Channels)

Now that you understand the message you will be broadcasting you will decide WHERE you are going to broadcast your message. We’ll have plenty of examples for you in the WHERE section, but the over all principles are:

  • Use more than one channel. Don’t limit yourself to just one platform (like your website)
  • Email is a mainstay

5. How (Creating and showing your message)

As before, this all comes down to execution. Follow the basic principles

  • Measure
  • Use images & video
  • Get a great headshot
  • Get to the point of your message quickly
  • Create a lot of it
  • Make it easy for people to purchase from you


The JJM club is going to show you how to do each of the above things in detail. You can follow the roadmap to achieve lasting success.

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