Sales Steps for Coaches

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How it Works

Sales for coaches needs to be a priority.

Having a process, goals, an intention, and a focus needs to be a priority.

In my coaching practice I see sales much like a game of memory. Remember the card game where you turn over cards to attempt to match them.

In my sales process I am focused on turning over the cards to see if I am a match for the prospect. Does she have a need? If so am I the right person to fill that need?

I am not so focused on persuasion.

Once we have established that there is a need I work on:

A. Listening to her current problems, visions, & dreams.

B. Giving free pointers to successfully achieving those dreams

C. Telling her how we can over come the problems and barriers in a coaching relationship.

The Process:

1. Sales Intake

Once you are hitting the nerve, prospective customers are going to start knocking on your door. It’s your job to make sure you have an intake process that leads to a sale.


2. The Best New Customer is an Old Customer

Finally, once you have the trust of your customers you need to have a process that build lifetime trust and high and higher sales to your customers. Suggested: Do a good job in the first engagement, have a few things that create recurring revenue, build in time to nurture the relationship, build and provide services that sit on top of the first engagement.


The JJM club is going to show you how to do each of the above things in detail. You can follow the roadmap to achieve lasting success.

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