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Your Irresistible Package

Create Your Irresistible Coaching Package

Your irresistible coaching packages will make the difference Take these actionable steps to create irresistible coaching packages for your ideal coaching clients. Load the boat (within reason) o...

Introductory Offer

The Low Risk Coach Introductory Offer

Do You Have A Low Risk Introductory Offer? It's a way to get people to try your coaching service in a low pressure way for both of you. Your goal for the low risk introductory offer is to show: ...

Coaching Client Persona

Create the Ideal Coaching Client Persona

Who are they? What drives them? What makes them purr? We need to find out “drives” them. I have created here a list of questions you can ask about your Ideal Coaching Client’s to understand them bet...

What is a Coach Marketing Persona

What is an Ideal Coaching Client Persona?

Your "Ideal Coaching Client" is a profile of a group of people who are your best client opportunities. It could be an actual person but that is not required. It is simply a profile of a the person ...

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