Create the Ideal Coaching Client Persona

Create the Ideal Coaching Client Profile

So now that we know the importance, how do we create the Ideal Client profile?

Well, first things first. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Who CAN you help? What training, skill, or knowledge do you have that sets you apart.
  2. Then think about who could be helped by those skills?
  3. Next ask yourself, do you WANT to help these people? Are you passionate about helping them?
  4. Lastly, can this group of people support your business financially.


Your customers will sense if you want to spend some time together. If you are genuinely interested in their own problems. Otherwise, you will soon do what (even unconsciously) to undermine your job. Since you’ll feel these aren’t the people who you like working together.

If you don’t have a good answer for all 4 of those questions start over and keep doing it until all answers are affirmed.

Once you get a picture of who checks all three of those boxes, it is time to go deeper in your understanding of them.


Who are they? What drives them? What makes them purr?

We need to find out “drives” them.

I have created here a list of questions you can ask about your Ideal Coaching Client’s to understand them better. Before reading the questions let me give you some advice.

A. Yes it is HARD. You are going to have to make guesses, ask questions, and perhaps even interview prospective clients.

B. It’s worth it! This is doing your homework. If you skip over this step, you are hurting your business. Once this is done you are going to much better off.

C. You can answer these questions by entering what you already know about your clients, what you think you know, or even by asking them. Don’t get hung up on it being perfect or 100% complete. Do the best you can.

I’ve created a Google Form that will help you answer these questions and organize the results for you.

The more detailed the description, the more the better. The target is to understand this individual so well you could be a relative.

  • Who is your Ideal Coaching Client demographically? (age, sex, marital status, in which she/he resides, income, job, location of work)
  • What “drives” them. What do they care MOST about?
  • What are their core principles?
  • How does she/he see the world and other people?
  • What motivates her/him?
  • What does your ideal coaching client love?
  • What does your ideal coaching client hate?
  • Who influences her/him?
  • What does she/he do in her/his free time?
  • What are their guilty pleasures?
  • What are your ideal coaching client’s favorite brands (what she/he chooses, uses, buys)?
  • What does she/he read? (books, blogs, magazines)
  • What does she/he watch, listen to? (podcasts, radio, music, social media, TV)
  • What events does your ideal coaching client go to? (conferences, networking events, meetings)
  • Who is your Ideal Coaching Client pscyhographically?

Next we need to document their “inner life”. Questions like:

What are their passions and hidden desires? Potential customers will rarely give you this intimate knowledge right away. But if you have done your homework, you’ll know what drives them already and be able to speak their language, which will go a long way to creating a new client relationship.

  • What are your ideal coaching client’s 3 main frustrations (i.e. regarding health, physical condition, appearance)?
  • What does she/he secretly fear may be true about her/his life, situation etc?
  • What keeps them up at night? What do they stress about constantly?
  • What does she/he worry about on a regular basis?
  • What could be the worst-case scenario that they worry about?
  • Why wouldn’t they like to achieve their goal?
  • Whose opinion are they afraid of? Who could they upset the most?
  • What is their biggest secret worry that could happen if the situation won’t change?
  • Where does she/he look for a help right now? (any programs, courses, books, podcasts, workshops, authors, influencers etc)
  • What does she secretly wish was true about the situation they’re in?
  • What would be his, her dream offer that would solve all the problems?
  • What does your ideal coaching client could do if the main problem they face wasn’t existing anymore?
  • What would they gain if all frustrations were gone?

How complete are the answers? What’s perhaps still to find? Do not be afraid to reach out to your prospective customers and ask!

Here is a form I have created that lets you answer all these questions. Answers will be put into a Google sheets spreadsheet. I recommend

  1. Request interviews with prospects who will be willing to answer these questions for you.
  2. Send the form to other prospects who would rather answer in their own time.
  3. Answer the questions yourself. You can get a lot of information by putting your best estimation of the answers. Pick someone you think would be a good client and answer the questions for them. It’s a start!
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